Thursday, January 22, 2015

Unused and Old Products Toss #1

Hi, guys! I threw out a few things because they are old and gross and I don't use them. Please scroll through to see what I threw out and why.
What: Revlon Photoready Primer.
Why: Dried out.
What: Be a Bombshell all over color in Girl Crush.
Why: Sucky twisting mechanism.
What: Mai Couture Highlighting Papers.
Why: Waste of product.
What: Lash Card.
Why: Don't use them. Waste of paper.
What: Urban Decay Ammo Palette.
Why: Old and don't use.
What: Urban Decay Midnight Emergency Palette.
Why: Don't like the colors, so don't use and old.

My mom thinks that I shouldn't have thrown them out, but makeup expires, so poo.

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