Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Review of Bare Minerals Brushes

I'm going to be talking about the brushes I use to put on my Bare Minerals. I got the brushes in a set I bought last April when I bought the foundation. There are three brushes that I use for the foundation.

As you can see, the brushes have black handles and a metal thing around the front half. They are very easy to hold.

Concealer brush: I use this to cover my dark circles and any red areas and spots of pimples. It's stiff and good for that. It covers very well.

Full Flawless Face brush: This is what I use to apply the foundation. The bristles are long and close together, which is good. It picks up a lot of product and feels soft on my face. Some people say that they're scratchy, but they aren't to me.

Flawless Face brush: This is a smaller version of the aforementioned brush. I use this one to apply the Mineral Veil after I've finished putting on the foundation and blush. It works just like the above brush, except smaller.

Monday, February 20, 2012

Product Review for Bare Minerals Foundation and Blush

Sorry about the lack of posting. I've been really lazy and one of my resolutions I made was to update my blog every day. I have a few more product reviews to do, but those will be for later. I wanted to review Bare Minerals Foundation and Blush. I've been using Bare Minerals for almost a year. Each purchase lasts six months, so I've only bought two in the time that I've used it. It's a mineral product and it applies beautifully. Nobody can tell if you're wearing makeup. I love this product because I have sensitive skin and it doesn't make me break out or get rashes like other foundations. I wear this almost every day and it's my go-to product if I'm going to the store or to work or school. The least I'll go out of the house wearing is foundation, blush, and mascara. That's all.

 From top to bottom: The package it comes in. It's a jar that has a sifter and you can close it to make sure it doesn't spill. The back of the jar. I am medium beige. It works beautifully with my skin tone and it covers my dark circles very well. The lid with the product in it. You can see that it's not very dark.

Now onto the blush. This is my first time using the blush and I have used it just a few times. It's a very pretty color and it has a very fine texture.

 From top to bottom: The package it comes in. It's a smaller jar than what the foundation comes in, but you still get a lot of product. The back of the package. The color I got is Secret. It's a darkish pink and it's beautiful. The product in the lid. It's the same texture as the foundation. I find that it wears off after a while, so I have to put multiple coats on to get it to be the color I want.