Sunday, June 22, 2014

New Product Alert!

Hi, guys. I'm going to talk about a new product that I've been using for about a month. It's called Lira and it can't be found in any drugstores. It can only be bought at a professional salon. I bought mine at Visions Salon from Karrie Kilgore, who waxes me. She is the only person that sells it. It is a facial wash with Plant Stem Cells. The only difference in the way you use it is that you use it dry. Dry hands, dry face, then you rinse it off. It makes my skin feel so soft and smooth. I guess it's because of the enzymes in it. The product name is BIO Enzyme Cleanser. My mom has been "borrowing" it from me. It does cost $28.00, but it's worth it. A review on this will be coming soon.
Thanks for reading!

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