Sunday, August 31, 2014

Product Empties #4

Hi, guys! These are my product empties that are from months ago.

I have bought the small bottle of Rehab Shampoo, which I love.

Oral Hygiene:
I always use these products because they work the best for my teeth. I can't always find the Bubblegum flavored mouthwash, so I buy alcohol free because I used to get ulcers on the inside of my cheeks and when I used mouthwash with alcohol, it would burn the heck out of them. And I've been using the Oral-B floss since I was 15 and had braces.

This Dove body wash came with a huge thing of Dove soap and I decided to try it, but I think I'm allergic to anything citrus on my body, so I haven't even finished it. I had a rash on my back and I cut this out of my routine and now it's better.

I have already bought more of these vitamins. I look for sales because vitamins can cost a lot of money, so it's good to see what's on sale.

I have the full size of this scent. It's been my favorite for ages.

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