Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Review of Bare Minerals Brushes

I'm going to be talking about the brushes I use to put on my Bare Minerals. I got the brushes in a set I bought last April when I bought the foundation. There are three brushes that I use for the foundation.

As you can see, the brushes have black handles and a metal thing around the front half. They are very easy to hold.

Concealer brush: I use this to cover my dark circles and any red areas and spots of pimples. It's stiff and good for that. It covers very well.

Full Flawless Face brush: This is what I use to apply the foundation. The bristles are long and close together, which is good. It picks up a lot of product and feels soft on my face. Some people say that they're scratchy, but they aren't to me.

Flawless Face brush: This is a smaller version of the aforementioned brush. I use this one to apply the Mineral Veil after I've finished putting on the foundation and blush. It works just like the above brush, except smaller.

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